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V-twin Tech: 2006 Harley-Davidson Reduced Effort Clutch System

Rider Magazine
July 31, 2006
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For 2006 Harley-Davidson introduced its new “reduced effort” clutch system on all models. The factory claims that it takes 45 percent less effort to yardin the clutch lever on its 2006 Twin Cam models. Engineers accomplished this by changing three areas of the clutch system: the clutch spring, clutch release inner and outer ramps, and the clutch cable. The new spring has been changed so that it requires less travel to release; the inner and outer ramps have a reduced angle on their ball ramps; and the clutch cable is now Teflon lined to cut down on friction.
After riding the 2006 models I can honestly say it works. All of the bikes feel as if their clutch lever effort has been halved, and the clutches all engage very crisply. You no longer need to be a body builder to be able to comfortably squeeze the clutch lever. Harley-Davidson now offers a reduced effort clutch kit, part No. 36808-05; it fits all 1999 through 2005 TC88 models. The kit includes two of the three parts used in the 2006 models: the clutch spring and the clutch inner and outer ramps. If you want to go for the whole package, you can order one of the new cables for your model bike. Installing the reduced effort kit requires that the clutch release cover be removed from the right side of the transmission, and removing the outer primary cover to gain access to the clutch assembly. Since the primary cover must be removed, this is a good time to consider installing the new automatic primary chain tensioner. For more information see your dealer. _

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