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V-twin Tech: Dyna Tech

Rider Magazine
October 29, 2005

The six-speed Cruise Drive transmission has larger bearings and gears, and a stiffer housing, which increases the transmission’s torque capacity by 28 percent. The engine’s external oil lines have been eliminated by providing integral oil passageways within the gearbox. The new gearbox has... Read more »

V-twin Tech: The Starter Problem

Rider Magazine
October 24, 2005

Starting a high performance Harley engine can be a difficult matter and it has been for several decades. Now, however, the problem has become more than merely difficult. Back in the Shovelhead days, the main difficulty was getting enough power out of the starter to turn a high-compression engine. Some... Read more »

V-Twin Tech: All About Detonation

Rider Magazine
October 24, 2005

Rather than go into the technical causes of detonation, I shall consider only its practical and common causes in late model Harley-Davidson air-cooled twins. By the way, stock Harleys seldom suffer detonation, but then, there are few stock Harleys on the road. Detonation is a practical problem for many... Read more »

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