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Washington Backcountry Discovery Route DVD and Map


Greg Drevenstedt
October 11, 2011

We the Moto-People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect network of roads less traveled, to enjoy ourselves for mile after mile, to savor the majesty of purple mountains, waves of grain and the fruited plain, owe a debt of gratitude to our forebears, those who explored, trail-blazed and... Read more »

A Three-State Motorcycle Ride Through Montana, Idaho and Washington

American Flyers Motorcycle Club

Rider Contributor
July 19, 2011

by Steve Larsen, photography by Bob Meador [This Motorcycle Ride Through Montana, Idaho and Washington was originally published in the November 2010 issue of Rider magazine] BMWs dominated this run, but there were also two Suzuki V-Stroms and an H-D Ultra Classic. The ride begins with members of the... Read more »

Salmon Run: Motorcycle Travel in Washington in September


Steve Larsen
April 7, 2011

by Steve Larsen photography by “Seattle Bob” Meador This most recent “no bad roads” tour challenge fell to “Seattle Bob” Meador, our photographer on the Northern California Fantasy Ride (Rider, January 2006). His mission: Plan seven days of spectacular riding and great scenery, superb places... Read more »

Washington’s Top 5

The only way to see this naked peak is to ride the North Cascade Highway.

Bruce Hansen
April 7, 2011

story and photography by Bruce Hansen Let’s say you had to list the best songs you’ve ever heard, the prettiest leading ladies, your favorite child. Could you do it? My self-appointed task was to pick Washington State’s Top Five Rides. At first I felt like I was facing more guesswork than predicting... Read more »

Southern Washington Motorcycle Touring: The Cascade Mountain Range

McClellan viewpoint with Mount St. Hellens in the background.

Sean Coker
March 17, 2009

story and photography by Sean Coker [Southern Washington Motorcycle Touring: The Cascade Mountain Range was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the May 2009 issue of Rider magazine] Klickitat Indian folklore has it that the Cascade Mountain Range was punishment for two brothers who could not share.... Read more »

The North Cascades: Riding Highway 20

Rider Magazine
March 1, 2007

Made up of smooth roads with tight hairpin curves, straights made for passing, two mountain passes and some of the most stunning sights you can see in North America, Highway 20 in Washington state is a rider’s paradise. This is the kind of ride you want to plan a day around, a ride that you want to... Read more »

Best Washington Motorcycle Roads: Highway 20

Rider Contributor
January 2, 2007

Story and photography by Susan Benton [Best Washington Motorcycle Roads: Highway 20 was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the March 2008 issue of Rider magazine] Motorcycling has been my husband’s passion since he was a teenager in the 1960s. I began riding as a passenger about 10 years... Read more »

Motorcycle Travel in Washington State

Far from Starbucks and Seattle sprawl, eastern Washington encourages a relaxed pace.

Jerry Smith
June 18, 2006

story and photography by Jerry Smith The state of Washington’s tourism board had this idea. Invite a group of motojournalists to ride around and report back to their readers about what a beautiful place Washington is to ride. They invited me, representing Rider, Buzz Buzzelli, editor of American Rider,... Read more »

Motorcycle Travel in Palouse, Washington

Under the apple tree where Grandpa went to sleep forever in 1974.

Denis Rouse
November 1, 2005

You’ve got to love Thomas Wolfe, the truly great American writer who died at 38 in 1938, but not before he passionately put thousands of words to the beauty and sadness of everyday life, feelings most of us have but don’t have the God-given talent to express. You can’t go home again, he lamented.... Read more »

Tahoma Homecoming: Taking the Slow Route to Mt. Rainier

The author turns his back on busy Route 2 to watch the sunset work its magic on mighty Tahoma (aka Mt. Rainier), 40 miles across the field.

Lawrence Grodsky
May 26, 2004

What do foreigners see when they look at America? If they’re headed east out of Vancouver on the TransCanada Highway around sunset, they see the shimmering dome of Mt. Baker, rising 10,777 feet above amber waves of grain. Awesome. Ah, to see America—that’s one thing. To know it one really must... Read more »

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