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‘Bones, y’all need tars’ – Rider Blog

Other long-time and far-away customers of Keel Brother Motorcycle Tires came along for the ride when your humble scribe got new “tars.” (l – r) Chris McKnight from Ontario (via Scotland); co-owner Tim Keel; Bob Fortuna from Rhode Island (via New Jersey); Steve Efthyvoulou from New Jersey (via Cyprus).

Scott ‘Bones’ Williams
May 13, 2013

In just a few days I was leaving on a 3,500 mile trek that would include some of the best mountain twisties in the East. After giving my Honda ST1300 a careful once-over, I felt confident that my dual-compound sport touring tires had more than enough tread remaining for the trip. Alas, not so. The combination... Read more »

Muriel’s Gentlemen Friends on Motorcycles

Left to right: Bob, Steve, Aunt Muriel and your humble scribe.

Scott 'Bones' Williams
April 2, 2013

North Carolina state road 28, also known as Moonshiner 28, is one of the best twisty mountain roads anywhere. (Shhhh…don’t tell anyone.) My Aunt Muriel’s neighborhood conveniently empties onto it, and whether you turn south toward Georgia or north toward Tennessee, there are curves and switchbacks... Read more »

Confronting PMS with the Lonesome Weirdoes

An assortment of Lonesome Weirdoes, laughing in the face of PMS.

Scott “Bones” Williams
February 27, 2013

New Englanders know the thrill of taking that first ride of the season—and the melancholy that settles in after putting your bike away for the season. If you live in the Snow Belt, you know about PMS. So you non-Northerners understand, up here PMS stands for Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. It’s winter.... Read more »

Pay It Forward: Rider Blog

Steve and I got the rim off his ST in about 10 minutes while Bob picked up lunch. We ate while the service department changed out the flat for a new tire. We were back on the road within an hour.

Scott ‘Bones’ Williams
January 8, 2013

Even well-designed and well-maintained machines break down. Problems as minor as a broken chain, flat tire or dead battery can immobilize a motorcycle and strand a rider. Many of us on motorcycles have the skills and carry the tools to attempt minor roadside repairs, but occasionally a solution appears... Read more »

Blog: Signs Along the Way

Never the twain: St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Scott ‘Bones’ Williams
November 20, 2012

I love word play as much as I love motorcycles, and entertaining ways to combine these two passions are conveniently posted along roads where I ride. Signs guide the way and state the rules, but more than a few give me reason to laugh out loud. Often it’s by accident, but other times by design. Signs... Read more »

If I Have to Explain…

Author Riding

Scott Williams
January 16, 2012

Motor vehicles that expose their riders and passengers to the elements and fall over if you don’t plant your feet at every stop just don’t register with everyone. Many folks will never understand how joy arises from the speed and motion created on a motorcycle. To each his own. Gladly most people... Read more »

Keystone State Byways: Exploring Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier

Near this church in the town of Rush is where the author found his first paved road of the afternoon.

Scott A. Williams
October 2, 2010

The topography appears to have been created for the benefit of motorcyclists. Mountains and rivers carve winding routes for sport riding. Rolling hills set the pace for laid-back cruising. Roads less traveled, some with asphalt and some without, serve up the wonder of exploring. It’s easy to steer... Read more »