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2013 Paso Robles (CA) Sidecar & Vintage Bike Show

April in Paso Robles (CA)is a delightful month, with leafy trees and the vineyards just beginning to green out.

Clement Salvadori
May 6, 2013

Back in ’07 Karyl Lammers, who runs a shop in Paso Robles selling aftermarket motorcycle stuff, called up the Chamber of Commerce and asked if she could promote a little sidecar exhibition in the City Park during an arts & crafts show. The park was certainly big enough to allow this, and the... Read more »

2013 Trailblazers Banquet

A scene of the sold-out crowd at the 2013 Trailblazers Banquet.

Joe Michaud
April 29, 2013

The Trailblazers are a social organization of pioneer motorcycling enthusiasts who have met annually since 1940. They preserve the memory of those who came before us and have contributed to the sport that we all enjoy. This 2013 banquet, held April 6 in Carson, California, was the 69th annual affair,... Read more »

Onboard Caffeine Injection

Caffeine injection

Arden Kysely
April 23, 2013

Around two or three o’clock every day, my eye lids get heavy and my brain turns to sludge. There’s no mistaking the symptoms—it’s coffee time! Out in the boonies, my buddies and I will pull over and brew a cup of cowboy coffee to clear our heads. In civilization, we’ll risk a fix from a gas... Read more »

26th Annual All-British Motorcycle Weekend, San Jose, California

This model was the last of the Vincent line, a fully faired '55 Series D Black Prince.

Clement Salvadori
April 15, 2013

You have to give those Brit-bike lovers a big hand; they are an incredibly enthusiastic bunch of enthusiasts, putting up with aged machines that were none too reliable when new…by current standards.  I rode British motorcycles all through the Sixties, when they were the hot item—and regular... Read more »

Day 3: Patagonia Adventure Tour

A frosty morning start in Futaleufú.

Arden Kysely
March 20, 2013

(Read dispatch from Day 2) Our third day in Patagonia begins with frost and fog in the little town of Futaleufú. It’s a short but chilly walk to the warm dining room for coffee and breakfast, where a wi-fi connection keeps everyone in touch with their businesses and loved ones. Still waking up, we... Read more »

Confronting PMS with the Lonesome Weirdoes

An assortment of Lonesome Weirdoes, laughing in the face of PMS.

Scott “Bones” Williams
February 27, 2013

New Englanders know the thrill of taking that first ride of the season—and the melancholy that settles in after putting your bike away for the season. If you live in the Snow Belt, you know about PMS. So you non-Northerners understand, up here PMS stands for Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. It’s winter.... Read more »

Pay It Forward: Rider Blog

Steve and I got the rim off his ST in about 10 minutes while Bob picked up lunch. We ate while the service department changed out the flat for a new tire. We were back on the road within an hour.

Scott ‘Bones’ Williams
January 8, 2013

Even well-designed and well-maintained machines break down. Problems as minor as a broken chain, flat tire or dead battery can immobilize a motorcycle and strand a rider. Many of us on motorcycles have the skills and carry the tools to attempt minor roadside repairs, but occasionally a solution appears... Read more »

Rider Magazine’s Top 10 Motorcycle Stories of 2012

Rider Logo 2012

Rider Magazine Staff
January 2, 2013

We’re taking a look back at 2012 by reviewing our page views. Naturally, our homepage ( drew the most page views in 2012. It was also popular for users of our website to seek out information on motorcycle helmets ( and... Read more »

Blog: Signs Along the Way

Never the twain: St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Scott ‘Bones’ Williams
November 20, 2012

I love word play as much as I love motorcycles, and entertaining ways to combine these two passions are conveniently posted along roads where I ride. Signs guide the way and state the rules, but more than a few give me reason to laugh out loud. Often it’s by accident, but other times by design. Signs... Read more »

The Streak: 42 Years of Riding

Earnie Taylor (left) and bother Chuck Taylor pose for a photo during a 2009 motorcycle trip in Alpine, Nevada. The brothers took annual motorcycle rides together for 42 straight years.

Steve Taylor
November 15, 2012

This is not a story so much about bikes, a favorite ride, or even about the number of bikes owned; it is a story about love. It is a story about the love two brothers have for each other, the love of seeing the country on a motorcycle along back roads, and the adventure of seeing new places and people.... Read more »

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