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Great Roads: Oklahoma

Red Rock Canyon outside Hinton, Oklahoma.

Story by Alan Paulsen, Edited by Heather Reinhart
September 4, 2013

Upon entering Oklahoma, a decorative granite sign demarcates the state line, followed soon by a billboard depicting a Buffalo Bill character, waving his Stetson, astride a spotted horse rearing out of the sign in welcoming exhortation. My next stop was the Route 66 museum in Clinton. This so-called Mother... Read more »

Oklahoma Motorcycle Ride: A Journey Through the Past and Present

Purple mountain majesty unfolds from Talimena Scenic Drive along the crest of Winding Stair Mountains in the Ouachita National Forest.

Alan Paulsen
January 1, 2000

Most states extend the welcome mat. In former times, upon entering the Sooner state on eastbound Interstate 40 and passing the stoic Oklahoma sign, a traveler first noticed the posted speed limits, followed by the fines listed in five-mph increments for exceeding said limits. Picketed alongside the freeway... Read more »