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Kriega’s R25 Backpack

Kriega’s R25 Backpack

Heather Reinhart
March 10, 2014

Kriega’s R25 Backpack has a four-point harness that eliminates neck strain and provides freedom of torso and arm movement by balancing the load on the rider’s chest and lower back. The R25 comes with quick-release fastening with aircraft-grade aluminum adjustment buckles. It has 420 Denier RipStop... Read more »

Spectro Oils Z-Clean Chain Lube 1.5-ounce Bottle


Press Release
January 31, 2012

TRAVEL SIZE. Spectro Oils Z-Clean Chain Lube is a dramatically effective new chain lube that does more of what you want done, and less of what you don’t. And now you can carry less of it wherever you go. The new 1.5-ounce bottle fits into pockets, tankbags, saddlebags, backpacks, you name it, providing... Read more »