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USA Tour Companies 2013/2014

Lake Mead

Rider Magazine
January 2, 2014

Why go on a guided tour? Because motorcycles are meant to be fun, not hard work. You can enjoy the solitary freedom of the open road if you choose, or the camaraderie of the group ride. You don’t have to spend all afternoon worrying about where you will sleep that night. You may meet new friends out... Read more »

Wandering the Hallowed Halls of the Harley-Davidson Museum and Factory

Starting in 1915, Harley pulled one bike from the production line each year. The collection acts like a timeline.

Jim Petersen
October 9, 2012

I am old school, which may explain why I am lost. When you ride a Harley you don’t need no stinking GPS, no dang MapQuest, no thumbtwaddle smartphone. I rattle through the deserted, impersonal industrial section of Milwaukee in search of the Iron Horse Hotel. I pull over to ask directions from a guy... Read more »

Motorcycle Ride with Ride Ottawa Canada

Spectacular lookout view over Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park.

Debbie Macdonald
May 16, 2012

Eight of us were invited to Canada by the Ottawa Valley Tourism Association, Go Ride Ottawa and Trillium Motorcycle Tours to explore the promise of their spectacular province’s slogan, “Yours to Discover,” by traveling the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Provincial Park. So, after a long day of individual... Read more »

Harley-Davidson Launches Global Authorized Tours

2012 Harley-Davidson FLHTCU

Press Release
January 4, 2012

The all-new Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours program that will offer Harley-Davidson riders an opportunity to experience riding adventures worldwide. In partnership with 11 independent, multi-national tour operators, Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours encompasses more than 150 distinct tour experiences... Read more »

Kansas Encore: Return to Prairyerth

The essence of the Sunflower State shines upon the author and his Beemer.

Alan Paulsen
April 7, 2011

Wherever I journey I seek out regional motorcyclists for their advice about the best local riding. Far too often, though, I’m told by the brethren that they dash out of state, jaded I suppose, by the familiarity of their own surroundings. Such was the case when I last visited Kansas; the flatlanders... Read more »

Cabot Trail: Nova Scotia Island Getaway

It’s easy to see why motorcyclists love the Cabot Trail.

Bruce Hansen
April 6, 2011

See if you can name this place. The children in the grocery store speak French to their parents and to one another. The previous village used all Scottish names on the gravestones. If you hike on a bog trail, instead of the fetid stench of decay, you smell an uncanny sweetness, view delicate orchids,... Read more »

Alabama Motorcycle Roads: Little River Canyon National Preserve

Passing by Mushroom Rock.

Warren Renshaw
January 4, 2007

[Alabama Motorcycle Roads: Little River Canyon National Preserve was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the November 2006 issue of Rider magazine] Although I live in Sweet Home Alabama, my home state is not known for such sweet motorcycling roads, if a sweet road is defined as a curvy one. One... Read more »

Vermont Motorcycle Rides: Over the Green Mountains

A nice left-hander along the Brandywine River on Route 100. Watch out for the salt and gravel.

Chuck T. Farnan
January 4, 2007

Story and photography by R.W. Ballou [Vermont Motorcycle Rides: Over the Green Mountains was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the March 2005 issue of Rider magazine] I live in the southeast corner of Vermont, where the hills are steep, the valleys are narrow and the architecture in the villages... Read more »