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20 Most Essential Things You Need on a Motorcycle Tour

TomTom Rider GPS

Greg Drevenstedt
November 4, 2015

Free spirits throw caution to the wind and hope everything works out. City slickers think their smartphone and a credit card will bail them out of whatever trouble may arise. But smart motorcycle travelers, those who have logged enough miles to know that anything can go wrong, know that common-sense... Read more »

Broadleaf Tobacco Road


Story and photography by Scott A. Williams
April 8, 2015

It’s late summer in the Connecticut River Valley. As I ride narrow back roads past small farms that dot the region, the early morning air is heavy with a dense, sweet aroma that’s both familiar and pleasant. The distinctive smell is broadleaf tobacco curing inside tobacco sheds, slowly developing... Read more »

Motogiro D’Italia 2013

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Laura Byrd
February 4, 2014

From the mountains of Terni in central Italy, to the Mediterranean at sea level, the Motogiro d’Italia course included a long stretch of the famous Amalfi Coast. “My friend Giuseppe was down for the count,” said Burt Richmond of Illinois. “He was laid out on a stone wall with a medic holding... Read more »

Western Massachusetts BONE Ride

The Golden Eagle Restaurant in Clarksburg, Massachusetts, is at the Mohawk Trail’s famous Hairpin Turn. The second floor balcony offers great views of the valley—and drivers trying to negotiate that turn!

Scott A. Williams
June 6, 2013

I’m a western Massachusetts native who’s been called Bones since childhood, so when I learned about an upcoming “Western Mass BONE Ride,” naturally, I investigated. A BONE Ride, it turns out, involves an organization called New England Riders and roads that its members include among the Best... Read more »

Cloverleaf Around Yakima, Washington

Mt. Rainier displays its majestic profile alongside the road to Paradise.

Alan Paulsen
September 11, 2012

When I last visited my friends Brian and Pam Rafferty in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to develop an article (Connecting the Dakotas, Rider, August 2009), they weren’t of a mind to leave one of America’s most livable cities. Well, the economic travails of the times dictated that they pull up stakes... Read more »

Moonshine, Illinois, Lunch Run 2010

Moonshine long-distance sticker

Scott A. Williams
September 8, 2011

photography by the author and Forest Aten Long-distance riders occupy a small but distinct subset of the motorcycling community. For sport tourers who enjoy 500-mile days and hard-core endurance riders who rack up multiple, consecutive 1,000-mile days, it’s never too cold, never too far, never too... Read more »

Great Sierra Madre Motorcycle Roads in the Real Central Mexico

Tops of Sierra Madre Occidental

Rider Contributor
August 10, 2011

[This Great Sierra Madre Motorcycle Roads in the Real Central Mexico Favorite Ride was originally published in the March 2011 issue of Rider magazine] By Dr. Jerry Smith; Photography by Lynn Gilbank and Steve Milligan Ray, the trip leader, looks south to the Pacific Ocean across the tops of the Sierra... Read more »

Beach’s Classic Alpine Tour

A little country house in the Austrian Alps, this being the medieval Castle Moosham west of Tamsweg.

Clement Salvadori
April 8, 2011

by Clement Salvadori photography by the author and Sue Salvadori It had been a long day over many glorious miles. Late in the afternoon half a dozen of us, admittedly a bit weary, were standing high on a mountainside overlooking a beautiful Alpine valley…with no sign of our destination. One of our... Read more »

Motorcycle Touring North Idaho and Montana

Moyie River Canyon Bridge

Perri Capell
April 8, 2011

by Perri Capell; photography by the author and Lynn Brown The Boulevard poses at Lake Pend Oreille on a cloudless summer day. [this article about motorcycle touring North Idaho and Montana was originally published in the December 2008 issue of Rider] We probably shouldn’t have lingered so long over... Read more »

Hawaii Motorcycle Rides: Exploring The Big Island

Hawaii Motorcycle Rides: The Big Island

Rider Contributor
March 1, 2010

Story and photography by Joe Nelson [Hawaii Motorcycle Rides: Exploring The Big Island was originally featured in the April 2010 issue of Rider magazine] The rugged northern coast, near popular Pololu Valley, at the terminus of Route 270. Arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii, I carried some typical expectations—great... Read more »

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