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On the Road: Riding The Four Corners

On the road to Ouray, Colorado.

J. Joshua Placa
October 15, 2008

story and photos by J. Joshua Placa In the Great Basin of the ancient Southwest, nothing is as it seems. Infinite expanses of petrified sand and rusted rock, cacti and eternal sky spread out before you, seducing the unwary traveler with the matchless excitement and wonder of an undiscovered frontier.... Read more »

Honda Hoot 2005

Honda Hoot Demo Rides and Tours

Mark Tuttle
November 17, 2005

The Honda Hoot is like a wheel: If the vendors, demonstrations and demo rides at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville each day are its hub, and the winding Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina roads encircling the area are the rim, then the scads of special events that take place are the spokes holding it all... Read more »

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