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Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots Review


Mark Tuttle
October 5, 2012

All waterproof boots are not created equal. For starters, these Sidi Gore-Tex Tour boots have a genuine Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable liner, which means they meet the tough standards of W.L. Gore and Associates as well as Sidi’s. And mine, too, one of which is that I can stand in a tub of water with... Read more »

Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots Review


Greg Drevenstedt
March 26, 2012

To get my girlfriend Carrie outfitted for her first European motorcycle tour, in the fall of 2010, one of the most important items on her gear list was a pair of high-quality, waterproof touring boots. They needed to be comfortable to wear on and off the bike, and to have a slender, stylish design instead... Read more »