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Yuasa Battery’s GYZ Series

Yuasa Battery’s GYZ Series

Rider Magazine Staff
February 3, 2015

Yuasa Battery’s GYZ Series product line consists of factory-activated, maintenance-free, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries that are ideal for the most demanding applications. With 500 CCA and 32 AH, the flagship GYZ32HL is the industry’s most powerful motorcycle battery. GYZ Series batteries offer... Read more »

Yuasa GYZ Powersports Batteries

Cutaway view of the Yuasa GYZ powersports battery.

Press Release
November 6, 2014

Cutaway view of the Yuasa GYZ powersports battery. Yuasa is the largest supplier of original equipment batteries and accessories to the powersports industry. Having engineered its first maintenance-free and gas recombination battery for powersports in the early 1980s, Yuasa went on to develop the first... Read more »

Shorai Battery Review

Small but mighty, Shorai lithium chemistry batteries are the new-tech answer for putting some spark in your scoot.

Arden Kysely
March 7, 2012

Six months and 6,500 miles ago, I carved nearly six pounds off of my F800GS simply by replacing the lead-acid battery with a 2.3-pound Shorai unit. This new-tech battery is so light I could easily throw it across the room. Is there anything inside the carbon composite case? No liquid and no lead, for... Read more »

Deltran Battery Tender 4-Bank Motorcycle Charger Review

BT 4-Bank

Rider Magazine
July 10, 2008

[This Deltran Battery Tender 4-Bank Motorcycle Charger Review was originally published in the June 2008 issue of Rider magazine] Ah, if only we could ride our motorcycles every day, what a wonderful world it would be. It would be even better, for those who own more than one, if we could ride all of our... Read more »