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MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs Review

MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs

Jerry Smith
November 6, 2015

MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs Finding a motorcycle with ergonomics that suit you shouldn’t be a matter of going from showroom to showroom sitting on different bikes until you find one that’s comfortable. But that’s how it works out sometimes, forcing you to pass up a bike you otherwise like because... Read more »

BMW Rallye Motorcycle Suit Review

BMW Rallye Suit

Greg Drevenstedt
November 4, 2015

BMW strives to maintain its premium image as a motorcycle brand, which carries over to its apparel. We’ve tested all sorts of BMW-branded jackets, pants, boots and gloves over the years, and the general consensus among our crew of use-it-and-abuse-it testers is that the gear may be expensive, but you... Read more »

Cortech Sequoia XC Adventure Suit Review

Cortech Sequoia XC Adventure Suit

Arden Kysely
October 7, 2015

As the adventure-riding segment grows, so does the variety of clothing to wear while you explore the back-of-beyond, each new product promising to protect adventurers from a wide range of weather and mishaps. Helmet House has joined the fray with its Cortech branded and economically priced Sequoia XC... Read more »

Dainese Black Hawk Jacket

Dainese Black Hawk Jacket

Rider Magazine Staff
September 23, 2015

Classic Protection Constructed of 100 percent Roma leather with a nubuck finish, the Dainese Black Hawk jacket combines classic, V-twin styling with modern-but-subdued protection and comfort features. It includes removable CE-certified armor in the shoulders and elbows, a bubble liner for insulation... Read more »

Long Visor for Arai Pro Shade System

Long Visor for Arai Pro Shade System

Rider Magazine Staff
September 22, 2015

Longer Visor Arai offers a long-visor version of its Pro Shade System tinted shield setup. The longer tinted lens provides slightly more coverage than the standard Pro Shade System and is available in four tint options (Smoke, Orange/Red, Blue and Silver). The Arai Pro Shade keeps working in the up position... Read more »

Power Trip Gauge Mesh and Pivot Motorcycle Jackets Review

Gauge Mesh Jacket

Mark Tuttle
September 14, 2015

Two hundred and sixty bucks is a pretty typical price for a decent textile riding jacket, wouldn’t you say? What if that could buy you two? Joe Rocket’s Power Trip line says it has redefined cheap with its Gauge Mesh and Pivot jackets, and we’re inclined to agree. Starting at $129.99 each, you... Read more »

Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex Suit Review

Dainese’s D-Explorer Gore-Tex Suit

Greg Drevenstedt
September 3, 2015

Dainese’s D-Explorer Gore-Tex suit is designed for the demands of adventure/dual-sport riding, where negotiating challenging terrain may require standing on the pegs, counterbalancing, pushing, pulling and, on those unlucky days, picking up your heavy bike again and again. The “modular flap system”... Read more »

Olympia Moto Sports Blaze Safety Vest Review

Olympia Moto Sports Blaze Safety Vest

Greg Drevenstedt
September 1, 2015

Wearing hi-viz apparel is a great way to get motorists’ attention. Ultra-bright colors that don’t exist in nature catch their eyes, and that momentary “what’s that?” pause may make them think twice before pulling out in front of you. But what makes hi-viz gear appealing from a safety standpoint... Read more »

Triumph ISDT Motorcycle Jacket Review

Triumph ISDT Motorcycle Jacket

Jerry Smith
August 7, 2015

I like my riding gear like I like my motorcycles––simple, classic and functional––and when I got a Triumph Bonneville I developed a yearning for a jacket like the old waxed-cotton Belstaff I had in my lost youth. It was a foul green and smelled so bad my roommates wouldn’t let me come in the... Read more »

Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Review

Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Scott A. Williams
July 2, 2015

I’ve been disappointed by the sound quality of wireless, in-helmet communication systems. Sena’s 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth (4.0) Communication System has the best sound quality I’ve found in a wireless comm system, plus sophisticated features. You can make hands-free calls from your iPhone or Android... Read more »

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