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Riding Sardinia and Corsica with IMTBike

This is the little port of Castelsardo on the north coast of Sardinia, crowned with the traditional castle, built in the late 1200s; that was Homeland Security, 13th century-style.

Clement Salvadori
March 8, 2013

It was our second morning in Sardinia. After a bountiful breakfast we were riding along 30 miles of coast road that could cause California’s Big Sur Highway 1 to look a bit boring. A couple of hours later found us in the Gennargentu Mountains, where the well-paved byways, twisting and turning like... Read more »

Edelweiss Bike Travel Touring Center Alps

The well-known road up to the Queen of the Alps, 9,045-foot Stelvio Pass in Italy, the second highest paved pass in the range. Note the traffic jam where an RV and several cars are trying to negotiate the same switchback.

Greg Drevenstedt
February 1, 2013

The Bucket List is a funny, heartstring-pulling movie about two terminally ill men who complete a wish list of experiences before they kick the bucket. They skydive, race classic cars, go on a safari and ride a motorcycle atop the Great Wall of China. Since the movie came out in 2007, “bucket list”... Read more »

Dreaming of Africa: Ayres African Southern Cross Adventure

Awed by an abyss from atop Swartberg Pass.

Mark Tuttle
January 3, 2013

It was pitch dark, and the air buzzed with strange insect sounds and animal calls over the quiet ticking of the Land Cruiser’s cooling exhaust. Moments before, our ranger/guide Lyle had killed the Toyota’s engine and headlights on this lonely road in Kruger National Park in order to point out the... Read more »

Motorcycle Travel in Hope, Whistler and the Sea to Sky Highway

A look into the canyon of the Fraser River, which is the longest river in British Columbia, Canada.

Ken Bingenheimer
August 8, 2012

It was noon when my wife, Judy, and I left the rental shop in Vancouver where we had picked up the 2011 Harley-Davidson we would be riding the next few days. The GPS on the Electra Glide Ultra Limited had been set to guide us out of town to Hope along British Columbia 7. From there we planned to double... Read more »

A Scootour of Puerto Rico

Just a few miles by Chinese scooter from the urban area of San Juan, the beaches at Piñones are uncrowded, undeveloped and unspoiled.

Lance Oliver
August 7, 2012

Sometimes you just need to take a ride. Even if circumstances aren’t optimal. Even if there are obstacles to overcome. Even if those around you react with, “You want to do what?” That’s how I came to find myself on Puerto Rico Route 191, a narrow road of tight switchbacks that climbs 2,000 feet... Read more »

Waiting for the Volcano: Motorcycle Travel in Ecuador

An active volcano, Tungarahua, is spewing smoke and ash into the clouds about a mile from this spot, up above the mountain-playground town of Baños. Which shows you why it’s a good idea to stay upwind of an active volcano.

Dexter Ford
May 2, 2012

I felt stupid. Not a new experience, to be sure. But this time, even more than usual. I’d been invited to ride a motorcycle through Ecuador. Which sounded like a great idea. It did, however, raise some basic questions. Like what—and where—is Ecuador? I feel just a little smarter now. It took 10... Read more »

Newfoundland Adventure: Motorcycle Travel Feature

Twillingate is the “Iceberg Capital” of Newfoundland. Icebergs arrive from Greenland from March to July. They are composed of snow that fell 15,000 years ago and average the size of a 15-story building. And yes, 90 percent of an iceberg is below water.

Jeff McQueen
April 3, 2012

I had ridden 1,000 miles to catch the 11:30 a.m. ferry to Newfoundland. But I was late and lost and boarding closed in 10 minutes. I had made the classic GPS mistake—punched in a destination without checking a map. I was in Sydney, Nova Scotia, but the ferry was boarding in North Sydney, 12 miles away.... Read more »

Adriatic Motorcycle Tours’ Beautiful Balkans Adventure

Our tour group overlooking Kotor Bay and the ancient city of Kotor in Montenegro. The walled city, once controlled by the Republic of Venice and renowned for its Venetian architecture, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From this overlook, we zigzagged down a steep road with dozens of hair-raising hairpin curves.

Greg Drevenstedt
March 10, 2012

The Balkans. Not usually the first place that comes to mind when planning a motorcycle trip. When tasked with reviewing Adriatic Motorcycle Tours’ 15-day, four-country Beautiful Balkans Adventure, I had few preconceived notions about the region. As it turns out, vast forests, deep canyons, rugged mountains... Read more »

Muskoka by Motorcycle: Riding in Ontario, Canada

The author’s yellow helmet and high-viz jacket act as camouflage alongside these yellow flowers. (Tip: Don’t ride through gardens.)

Scott A. Williams
June 3, 2011

I have never owned a boat. That is not to say I don’t enjoy them. I learned to sail aboard catamarans and to water ski behind speedboats. I have zipped across the water on many personal watercraft, none more fun than the Suzuki-powered Wetbike hydrofoil that behaves remarkably like a motorcycle on... Read more »

Iceland Adventure Motorcycle Tour

Amazing views popped out of nowhere.

Jeremy Bullard
April 11, 2011

story and photography by Jeremy Bullard [this review of KTM Adventure Tours‘ Iceland adventure motorcycle tour was originally published under the title “Fire and Ice” in the April 2008 issue of Rider] Riding a wave of euphoria off the ferry from Scotland, upon arriving in Seyisfjrur,... Read more »

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