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Motorcycle Travel from Milan to the Isle of Man TT with Lotus Tours

Pre-race crowd on the IOM Mountain Course.

Mark Tuttle Jr.
February 14, 2003

(This Tale of Two Races was printed in the February 2003 issue of Rider.) You don’t have to be a motorcycle racing fan to dream of visiting the Isle of Man for the annual Tourist Trophy races. More an international spectacle—like Mardi Gras or the running of the bulls—than merely two weeks of motorcycle... Read more »

Iberian Moto Tours Tour of Pyrenees Mountains in Spain

Chasing clouds in Col de Tourmalet.

Andy Saunders
February 14, 2003

(The article Fiesta and Siesta was printed in the February 2003 issue of Rider.) Spain is famous for its beaches, warm weather and the siesta. It’s less well known for its great motorcycling country and abiding love for two-wheeled transport. Iberian Moto Tours (IMT) has been offering tours in Spain,... Read more »

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