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National Parks Motorcycle Touring: Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

Teton Scenic Byway 33 is like a gentle roller coaster and has a stunning view of the Teton Mountain Range.

Rider Magazine
July 13, 2011

Story and photography by Donya Carlson [This Yellowstone National Park Motorcycle Tour was originally published in the January 2011 issue of Rider] Teton Scenic Byway 33 is like a gentle roller coaster and has a stunning view of the Teton Mountain Range. As a native Southern Californian, I’m used to... Read more »

Motorcycle Tour of Glacier, Yellowstone and Teton National Parks

Grand Tetons and BMW F650

Kathleen Kemsley
June 15, 2011

story and photography by Kathleen Kemsley There’s a reason our national parks are preserved: they are special, magic, even extraordinary. Yet in the most popular, swarms of tourists can be as oppressive as the heat of summer. Many memories of these places consist of fighting motorhome traffic jams,... Read more »

Essay Contest Winner Enjoys Edelweiss’ Montana Touring Center

Just about as close to the sun as you get on the Riding to the Sun Highway.

Greg Hohn
April 11, 2011

story and photography by Greg Hohn As an inveterate lone wolf when it comes to motorcycling, I wasn’t sure a group tour was going to be my cup o’ Clorox. In my 200,000 miles-plus of riding experience, I’ve learned I like traveling at my own pace and stopping as physiology and scenery demand. Still,... Read more »

Motorcycle Touring North Idaho and Montana

Moyie River Canyon Bridge

Perri Capell
April 8, 2011

by Perri Capell; photography by the author and Lynn Brown The Boulevard poses at Lake Pend Oreille on a cloudless summer day. [this article about motorcycle touring North Idaho and Montana was originally published in the December 2008 issue of Rider] We probably shouldn’t have lingered so long over... Read more »

Woodland to Prairie: North Dakota

A field of canola flowers, from whence comes canola oil, useful in cooking.

Clement Salvadori
April 6, 2011

story and photography by Clement Salvadori Which way to the Pembina Gorge?” I asked the only person I saw on the sidewalk. “Go back to the highway,” he said, “take a left, and keep right at the moose.” “Keep right at the moose?” I asked quizzically. “Don’t worry, you’ll understand,”... Read more »

Yellowstone to Glacier on Montana Highway 89


Sherry Jones and Todd Mowbray
April 6, 2011

by Sherry Jones and Todd Mowbray photography by Sherry Jones Rubbernecking with the rest of the crowd at a pair of bald eagles glaring imperiously down from their nest, we were taken aback by the guy who rushed over with camcorder in hand and a face flashing excitement. “Did you see that wolf cross... Read more »

Great Motorcycle Roads: Iowa Byways

Motorcycle just beyond Breitbach in Iowa

Susan Benton
August 24, 2010

story and photography by Susan Benton [Great Motorcycle Roads: Iowa Byways originally appeared in the August 2010 issue of Rider magazine] A perfect day trip or weekend destination for riders from Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison and Des Moines is Dubuque, Iowa. The city is located on the Mississippi River,... Read more »

Connecting the Dakotas: The Long Way Around North and South

Sunrise over the Missouri River on a misty morning at Fort Randall, South Dakota.

Alan Paulsen
August 1, 2009

As a motorcyclist who enjoys vacant, isolated roads, I stared longingly at the Dakotas on my National Geographic wall map while planning my next excursion. A childhood friend of my wife had recently moved to Sioux Falls with her family. The brother of a buddy who was a groomsman at my wedding 25 years... Read more »

Montana Motorcycle Rides: Touring Big Sky Country


Rider Contributor
February 11, 2009

Story by Roger Hotelling [Montana Motorcycle Rides: Touring Big Sky Country was originally published in American Rider magazine] Our Montana ride began with two thunderstorms. Not good omens. We were finally on dry pavement, our rainsuits repacked and the Ultra’s cruise control set on 75. Sue and I... Read more »

Indiana Motorcycle Touring: Hoosier National Forest

The ominous and renowned Story Inn in Story, Indiana.

Mitchell Steckler
October 10, 2008

story and photography by Mitchell Steckler [Indiana Motorcycle Touring: Hoosier National Forest was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the November 2008 issue of Rider magazine] I awoke to a beautiful summer morning, a motorcyclist’s dream: blue sky, 82 degrees and a weekend of freedom. Many... Read more »

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