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Cruising Yankee Country: A Northeastern Four-State Getaway

The Hudson River flows beneath the Bear Mountain Bridge, as seen from a Bear Mountain overlook.

Kenneth W. Dahse
August 7, 2013

If your goal is to ride Yankee Country with its rural roads, quaint colonial villages and charming churches, there’s no place better than western Connecticut and Massachusetts. On this interesting trip, I had the additional benefit of riding some of the scenic roads of northern New Jersey and southern... Read more »

Motorcycle Tour of Connecticut: A Taste of Nutmeg

West Cornwall’s covered bridge over the riffling Housatonic River dates from 1864.

Alan Paulsen
May 10, 2013

Connecticut is a compact state, some 60 miles wide by 100 miles across. When I studied a map of this coastal New England state, I began to notice that practically every road around its borders is marked a scenic route. So I considered that a perimeter run was in order to taste the spice of the Nutmeg... Read more »

Connecticut is a River

Motorcycle on the road in Connecticut

Bill Heald
April 8, 2011

story and photography by Bill Heald Find me a state and you’ll find a river named after it. This I believe with every fiber of my geographic knowledge, which I amazingly spotty. I also believe when a state does indeed share its name with a river, the river came first. This is my theory, and I’m sticking... Read more »

A Winter Motorcycle Ride in Connecticut

Moto Guzzi near Southbury Training School in Southbury, Connecticut.

December 18, 2009

Story and Photography by Adam Zuckerman [A Winter Motorcycle Ride in Connecticut originally appeared in the February 2010 issue of Rider magazine] Sometimes the best Connecticut motorcycle ride in the world is the one that you can actually take. Even if it is only an hour or two on familiar roads near... Read more »

Winter Motorcycle Riding in New England (The Connecticut Coast)

Bill Heald
January 17, 2004

When will wonders ever cease, anyway? Maybe next Tuesday. But sometimes I wonder about these wonders. For example, I had honestly thought that here in the 21st century, winter still meant winter. And in Connecticut, most motorcycles hibernate during this particular season. But thanks to an unusually... Read more »