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A Fiery Lap — Pleasant Detours in Colorado

Goose, goose – duck! Overlooking the stunning San Miguel Mountains on Colorado Route 145.

Lee Goodwin
June 4, 2015

Goose, goose – duck! Overlooking the stunning San Miguel Mountains on Colorado Route 145. I’m barreling along a tiny Colorado highway on a sparkling sunny June afternoon with Asleep at the Wheel’s country music in my ears and a shiny new Moto Guzzi in full song. I turn north and there, over the... Read more »

Searching for Colorado Roots in the Rockies

Independence Pass

Kathleen Kemsley
August 8, 2014

A riot of fireweed makes a brief, Technicolor appearance on south-facing slopes near the top of Independence Pass. (Photos by Kathleen Kemsley) As children, we heard many of Grandma Louise’s stories about Colorado. She was born in a log cabin a few miles outside of Creede, to a mother who had been... Read more »

Climbing the Pikes Peak Highway

Pikes Peak Highway scenic stops

Stacy V. Bearse
December 3, 2013

The year was 1806. After traversing the flat plains of what is now eastern Colorado, Zebulon Pike saw a smudge on the horizon. The next day the smudge became a bump. By the third or fourth day, Pike realized he had a mountain to climb. I had the same feeling as I cruised westward on State Route 24, headed... Read more »

Motorcycle Travel Through the Rocky Mountains

My wife, Sandy, enjoying the scenery as we rode through the Sawatch Mountain Range.

Don Metz
October 8, 2012

The high mountain passes of the Rocky Mountains are an incomparable motorcycle touring experience, ringing with the legacy of tens of thousands of gold prospectors who fearlessly blazed trails across them in search of riches. Sunsets over the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains are often a spectacular... Read more »

Colorado Chasms: Riding the other Canyonlands

The serpentine park road winds along the edge of the canyon for 23 miles.

Kathleen Kemsley
June 4, 2012

(This Favorite Ride was published in the June 2012 issue of Rider Magazine.) Story and photos by Kathleen Kemsley Colorado is best known for its lofty peaks, and rightly so. Those reaching at least 14,000 feet in elevation, known as Fourteeners, number 53 in this not-flat state. A lesser-known side of... Read more »

High Adventure in Colorado and Utah


Steve Larsen
February 1, 2012

[This High Adventure in Colorado and Utah was originally published in the September 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Few regions in the United States have more low-traffic miles of wonderful twisty roads and stunning natural beauty than western Colorado and southern Utah. The goal this time is to link great... Read more »

Crossing Western Colorado on Old U.S. 6

Old U.S. 6 and I-70 in Colorado

Ken Bingenheimer
January 24, 2012

[This Crossing Western Colorado on Old U.S. 6 was originally published in the January 2012 issue of Rider magazine] I’ve eyed it longingly on countless trips on Interstate 70 across the Colorado mountains. The sparsely traveled two-lane winds its way alongside the interstate, at times close by, at... Read more »

U.S. and Canadian Rockies Motorcycle Tour

Beartooth Highway

Jim Petersen
April 8, 2011

story and photography by Jim Petersen [this article about a U.S. and Canadian Rockies motorcycle tour, “Road to Wisdom,” was originally published in the July 2008 issue of Rider] When Don Scott, my neighbor and riding buddy, mentioned he wanted to go on a long ride—nothing but blue highways,... Read more »

Ancient Ways in the Southwest

Ridig the Indian Lands.

Kathleen Kemsley
April 7, 2011

story and photography by Kathleen Kemsley The climate can be too hot and rainy in the summer, too cold and windy in the winter. But motorcycling conditions in the high desert during the spring and fall months are nearly perfect. A commitment-free week in September beckoned my husband and me to ride the... Read more »

Santa Fe Trail: History and drama from New Mexico to Kansas

Rider Contributor
April 6, 2011

story and photography by Kathleen Kemsley We planned to attend a regional sidecar club rally in September. There was just one drawback, we thought: The rally took place in eastern Kansas. Kansas? What is there to see in Kansas? Though I had never set foot in the state, I had heard plenty about how flat... Read more »

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