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Brazil Motorcycle Tour with Ayres Adventures

Rio from the “Ayre.” Fifteen minutes in the ’copter will wear out a photographer’s shutter finger.

Lawrence Grodsky
July 17, 2005

There are 45,000 motorcycle couriers in São Paulo, the world’s third-largest city. On an average day, says Tour Director Mauricio Fernandes, one will earn his heavenly wings. Observing the busy, rain-slicked boulevards and the slim margins these daring deliverymen allow for conditions, I surmise that... Read more »

Edelweiss Bike Travel’s Scouting Tour of Brazil

Checking out the views in Brazil.

Clement Salvadori
April 14, 2003

Brazil? Who would want to go ride a motorcycle in Brazil? Myself, for one, though with no real idea of where we would be going. The worldfamous beaches of Rio de Janeiro would be on the itinerary, of course, but other than that, where would Brazilian roads lead me? That is the fun of one of these Edelweiss... Read more »