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2010 Motorcycle Of The Year: Honda VFR1200F

2010 Motorcycle of the year

Rider Magazine
August 10, 2012

Rider Magazine’s 2010 Motorcycle Of The Year is the Honda VFR1200F. Check out this video to see why it was chosen.

2010 Honda VFR1200F Part II

2010 Honda VFR1200F

Rider Magazine
August 10, 2012

Greg brings you part II of Rider’s report on the all-new Honda VFR1200F. See the bike in action at the Sugo Race Track in Tokyo, Japan and hear Greg’s track-side commentary and thoughts on the all-nw beast from Honda.

2010 Honda VRF1200F Part |

2010 Honda VRF1200F

Rider Magazine
August 10, 2012

Greg takes you behind the scenes for the unveiling of the all-new 2010 Honda VFR1200F. Hear about the evolution of Honda’s VFR motor dating back to the early 80’s.

2010 Honda VFR1200F Road Test

Rider Magazine
March 29, 2010

photography by Kevin Wing, the author and courtesy of Honda [This 2010 Honda VFR1200F Road Test was originally published in the May 2010 issue of Rider magazine] After nearly two decades of being a sleek thoroughbred with racing bloodlines, for 2002 uninspired styling and unnecessary gadgetry (VTEC)... Read more »