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Motorcycle Features
In this section you’ll find motorcycle-related feature articles including biographies, technical endeavors, historical spotlights and other articles that focus on interesting aspects of motorcycling culture. If it’s not a road test, motorcycle spotlight, news, gear, rally, blog or tour article, you’ll find it here!

Stayin’ Safe: Goldilocks and the Three Gears

Select the appropriate gear for corners.

Eric Trow
September 15, 2015

Select the appropriate gear for corners. Through our Stayin’ Safe on-road training program, we’ve seen several consistent rider habits. One is failure to shift to an appropriate gear for corners. Riders often pick a low-rpm gear and stick with it, counting on the engine’s torque to do the work.... Read more »

Las Vegas Moto Vacation: Beyond the Neon and Slot Machines

The Valley of Fire State Park is about an hour from The Strip in Las Vegas. “The Cabins” were a Civilian Conservation Corps project in the mid 1930s. Did Kawasaki get the color for the new Versys 1000 here?

Steven M. Green
September 8, 2015

We all know about Las Vegas, either from our own visits or from movies and television; a constant barrage of lights, dinging slot machines, erupting volcanoes, gargantuan fountains, big name shows and sleepless nights. But after the convention is over and your head clears, the Las Vegas area also has... Read more »

Life Lessons on the Moonshine Lunch Run

The camaraderie of long distance riders is the foundation of the Moonshine experience.

Scott A. Williams
September 1, 2015

Even now that the property has changed hands, MLR riders are still welcome to camp at Terry Hammond’s farm. (Photos by Carole Helstrom) If you enjoy riding long distances and spending time with other people who enjoy riding long distances, there’s nothing else like the Moonshine Lunch Run (MLR).... Read more »

Ron Ayres Rides On

Ron Ayres, founder of Ayres Adventures.

Rider Magazine Staff
August 28, 2015

Ron Ayres, founder of Ayres Adventures, passed away on August 26, 2015, at his home in Galveston, Texas. Ron had been diagnosed with cancer early last year. Ron went from a successful career in the corporate world to start one of the biggest motorcycle touring companies in the world, with a tour catalog... Read more »

Old Roads and Aged Cheese: A Moto-Foodie on the Vermont Cheese Trail

One of the few surviving heritage cheeses is still made in this factory barn that was built in 1882.

Ken Aiken
August 11, 2015

One of the few surviving heritage cheeses is still made in this factory barn that was built in 1882. It’s  a dicey road for a motorcycle, filled with dips and turns that haven’t changed since the days of horse-drawn wagons. I haven’t ridden it in decades, yet I’m downshifting and braking like... Read more »

Effie’s Great Adventure–First Women to Ride Cross-Country

September 1915: Effie and Avis pose in front of the House of Hopper, a Harley-Davidson dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were on their way home, following the Lincoln Highway. Norman Hopper, the owner, expressed his admiration of the pair in a letter sent to Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee.

David V. Herlithy
August 4, 2015

Motoring across the United States a century ago was no easy task, given the lack of paved roads, signage and service stations, among other hardships. For a woman to attempt such a feat without a male escort was particularly bold. In 1909, one enterprising car company tapped Alice Huyler Ramsey to become... Read more »

People & Places—A Joy Ride With A Purpose

Bob and Val Ford on their ’13 H-D Road Glide Ultra among the redwoods. They’d been at Sturgis for over two weeks and claimed they had “ridden forever.”

Ken Frick
July 8, 2015

At the top of the Beartooth Pass I met David “Shag” Horelica on his ’06 Screamin’ Eagle Harley and Eric Van Praag on his 2010 Street Glide. Riding from Texas, they were on their way to Canada. Like me, they were hoping for dryer weather down the road. Gazing from behind small, wire-framed spectacles... Read more »

Getting Started on Your First Motorcycle Camping Tour

All the gear for a luxury camping experience anywhere in the world will comfortably fit in the panniers and two duffel bags.

Steven M. Green
June 26, 2015

Living in Michigan in my youth, I once took a multi-day motorcycle camping tour on a Honda CB750, traveling into Canada and around the Great Lakes. My gear consisted of a basic Boy Scout pup tent, sleeping bag and a mess kit. Wearing a leather jacket and jeans and packing a yellow rain suit from the... Read more »

Motorcycle Camping Checklist

All the gear for a luxury camping experience anywhere in the world will comfortably fit in the panniers and two duffel bags.

Steven M. Green
June 26, 2015

Use this as a baseline to get started. Add or remove items to suit. Once you’ve camped a few times, add your location on the bike for each item to the list, as putting items in the same location consistently will help you find things and set up camp. For instance, “TENT – left pannier.” RIDING... Read more »

Motorcycle Riding in Wisconsin’s Door County

Wisconsin’s autumn is a Technicolor treat in hi-def.

Paul Garson
June 5, 2015

The first slice of this three-day tour began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where five intrepid motojournalists landed on a Thursday afternoon at the city’s General Mitchell International Airport. We’d be cruisin’ through the Land of WI, a state known for the Green Bay Packers, as the corporate home... Read more »

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