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Treds Motorcycle Boot Covers


Press Release
November 10, 2011
Filed under New & Cool Motorcycle Gear Spotlights

RUBBER DUCKIES. Veterans of cold, slushy climates are all-too familiar with galoshes, rubber overshoes that keep shoes from getting muddy or wet. If you or someone you love has motorcycle boots that aren’t waterproof, try Treds rubber boot covers ($36.95-$41.95). They’re 12 inches tall, slide on easily over shoes and boots (the tough, tear-resistant rubber stretches up to 800 percent for a snug fit) and they are completely waterproof. The block-tread sole provides good grip in wet conditions, and they can be packed small for storage in a saddlebag.

Advantage Products Corp., (888) 399-8530,

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One Response to “Treds Motorcycle Boot Covers”

  1. Sharon Smith on November 11th, 2011 3:06 am

    Great idea, however, I would recommend keeping the pant leg of the rain suit ‘outside’ the rubber boot instead of tucking them inside the boot. One can end up with a boot full of water to pour out upon arrival to your destination. Ask me how I know.


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