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Motorcycle Features: Bikes, Blokes, Culture and Beyond
In this section you’ll find motorcycle-related feature articles including biographies, technical endeavors, historical spotlights and other articles that focus on interesting aspects of motorcycling culture. If it’s not news or a road test, gear, rally, blog or tour article, you’ll find it here!

Indianapolis MotoGP & XR1200 Series Weekend

Indy MotoGP

Rider Contributor
August 31, 2011

by Jim Petersen V-Rod drag racer and two definitely not in drag. “How far’d you ride?” My interrogator is a goateed man in an orange Harley-Davidson T-shirt with Shit Happens emblazoned on the chest. In case that shit happens he has a Leatherman in a holster on his belt, next to a similarly sheathed... Read more »

How to Handle the Four Most Common Road Emergencies

Use a hose with a bulb so you won’t have to siphon by mouth.

Bill Stermer
May 13, 2011

You’re on a sport-touring journey and suddenly your bike has a problem. You’re dead in the water. What to do? Fortunately, the four most common road emergencies can usually be prevented by regular inspection and maintenance, but here’s what to do when that doesn’t work. Out of Gas Run out of... Read more »

Motorcycle Camping 101

The rider Staff’s Campout Challenge.

Mark Tuttle Jr.
March 13, 2011

photography by Rich Cox For some the idea of a night in the wilderness, or even at an established campground, is simply unthinkable. How do you survive without a solid roof and hard floor, not to mention TiVo, the Dux bed and all of your stuff? What about insects, wild animals and hot running water?... Read more »

Bonneville To Bonneville: Running the Time Traps at the 2010 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials

Clement is doing a trial run on the west side of the pits to see how far under the paint he can crawl; not very.

Clement Salvadori
January 1, 2011

The eerie thing about the Bonneville Salt Flats is exactly what makes them so good for high-speed runs—-their flatness. I’m sitting on my 2006 Triumph Bonneville T100 in the prestaging area, very glad that I’m the second bike in line, not the first, because I’m not sure where we’re supposed... Read more »

Book review: Harley-Davidson Everything you Need to Know

Harley-Davidson: Everything you Need to Know by Bill Stermer.

Rider Magazine
August 12, 2010

[This Harley-Davidson—Everything you Need to Know Book Review was originally published in American Rider] Like “new and improved,” the phrase “everything you need to know” packs a lot of implications. Aside from promising to deliver information that is both all-inclusive and necessary, the... Read more »

Motorcycle Safety and Skills: Handling low-speed maneuvers

Low-speed motorcycle maneuvers

Bill Stermer
August 12, 2010

[Motorcycle Safety and Skills: Handling low-speed maneuvers was originally published in the February 2008 issue of American Rider] Attend any bike week event or rally and you’ll see riders doing things that make you nervous: paddling their feet at stops, duck-walking their bikes across gravel drives... Read more »

Motorcycle Safety and Skills: Group Riding Tips for a Safe Experience

Bill Stermer
May 12, 2010

Motorcycle Safety and Skills: Group Riding Tips for a Safe Experience Summer is coming and with it, the rally and event season. Whether it’s Daytona, Laughlin, Myrtle Beach, Sturgis or a H.O.G. Chapter ride, if you attend these crowded events and go on these rides you’ll be doing some formation or... Read more »

How to Build a Proper Motorcycle Roadside Tool Kit

A CruzTOOL kit for Motorcycle Roadside assistance

Rider Contributor
March 29, 2010

by Reg Kittrelle [This How to Build a Proper Motorcycle Roadside Tool Kit feature was originally published in the April 2010 issue of American Rider magazine] A CruzTOOL kit modified for Reg's Road Glide. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are more reliable now than at any other time in their 107-year history,... Read more »

Motorcycle Weaves and Wobbles: How to avoid them and deal with them


Rider Contributor
November 17, 2009

There are some aspects of motorcycles that motorcycle manufacturers are reluctant to talk about. Weave and wobble are two of them. Either can put you down and hurt you, so you need to know what these things are, and how to prevent their onset. We all know that motorcycles are not inherently stable. When... Read more »

1300 miles on a Harley-Davidson XR1200: PART ONE

Harley Davidson XR1200 accessorized and waiting for packing.

Rider Contributor
July 21, 2009

By Reg Kittrelle [This 1300 miles on a Harley-Davidson XR1200 two-part road test was originally featured in American Rider magazine] Harley Davidson XR1200 accessorized and waiting for packing. Why? Denver, Colorado, is approximately 1,300 miles from my home in Santa Cruz, California. I need to be there... Read more »

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