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Victory Motorcycles, established in 1998, is a division of Polaris Industries and is an American manufacturer of V-twin cruiser and touring motorbikes. The company began full production of its first motorcycle, the V92C, in Spirit Lake, Iowa, in 1998. Victory soon expanded its model lineup by introducing a sport cruiser, the V92SC, at Sturgis in 1999. In 2005, Victory motorcycle road tests began on a power cruiser called the Hammer. The Minnesota-based company continued to grow and produced its 50,000th motorcycle in 2009. That year, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary with the Victory Vision.

2010 Victory Cross Roads and Cross Country Road Test

**Victory Cross Country

Rider Magazine
December 3, 2009

photography by Brian J. Nelson [This 2010 Victory Cross Roads and Cross Country Road Test was originally published in the January 2010 issue of Rider magazine] Victory Cross Country The east Texas Hill Country is made for motorcycles. Countless curves and elevation changes on the roads near Austin are... Read more »

2010 Victory new models

2010 Victory Cross Country

Rider Contributor
September 15, 2009

Review by Reg Kittrelle [This 2010 Victory new models preview was originally featured in American Rider magazine] Victory obviously fell behind in its memo reading. Specifically, the one that outlined how this is a bad year, economically, to be rocking any boats, and that the best strategy is to just... Read more »

Factory Custom Comparo: Harley-Davidson Rocker C, Victory Vegas Jackpot, Star Raider S, Honda Fury


Rider Contributor
August 18, 2009

photography by Scott Hirko [This Harley, Victory, Star, Honda Factory Custom Comparo was originally published in the October 2009 issue of Rider magazine] It all started in 1971, when Harley-Davidson introduced the Super Glide, a new model with a big 1,200cc V-twin shovelhead motor and a large fiberglass... Read more »

2008 Victory Motorcycle Additions

2008 Victory Vision

Steve Bohn
June 16, 2008

[2008 Victory Motorcycle Additions was originally published in American Rider magazine] If 2008 is any indication of what’s to come from the Victory Motorcycle Company, stick around, because it should be a really great ride from here. Adding to the excitement of the long-awaited premiere of the luxury-touring... Read more »

2008 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball Road Test

The Kingpin 8-Ball is a new model for 2008, and like its namesake from the pool hall, it is simple, direct, basic and commands attention.

Bill Stermer
February 5, 2008

If you play pool, you know that the 8-ball is black, with a black numeral against a white circle. And you also know that—in the game of the same name—if you sink the 8-ball unintentionally, you’ve lost; sink it at the right time, however, and you win. It’s an important, dangerous orb, and if... Read more »

2008 Victory Vision Road Test

Feature Image

Mark Tuttle
October 24, 2007

[This 2008 Victory Vision Road Test was originally published in the September 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Victory Motorcycles is firmly, if not happily, in the black today, selling V-twin cruisers like its Vegas and Hammer series at a fairly brisk pace from a growing list of about 320 dealers in the... Read more »

Two Harleys and a Victory: American Rider Editor’s Tour Around CA

Clement Salvadori
October 3, 2007

[This Two Harleys and a Victory tour was originally published in American Rider magazine] The phone rang; I picked it up. “Time for an editorial ride,” I heard Buzzelli say, “mid-May. You figure it out.” Click. Because long ago our Uncle Samuel saw fit to send me to odd spots around the globe,... Read more »

2006 Victory Kingpin Deluxe Road Test

Victory's more market-driven approach with styling assistance from the Ness father-and-son team seems to be working in the 2006 Victory Kingpin Deluxe.

Mark Tuttle Jr.
January 1, 2007

When Victory launched its initial V92C cruiser model in 1998, it was an exciting moment. This was the first new American brand of cruiser motorcycles in 60 years, with a solid, powerful and proprietary V-twin engine design. The bike had something of a sporting attitude, too-Victory wanted its cruiser... Read more »

2006 Victory Motorcycle Model Lineup

Victory’s Vegas Jackpot offers custom features at a reasonable price.

Ken Freund
January 1, 2007

Since the introduction of the Vegas for the 2003 model year, Victory has given its line of cruisers a series of bad-boy, macho-sounding names-some with gambling overtones. Hammer, Vegas, 8-Ball-whatever you may think of them, the gamble seems to be paying off, because Victory sales are up by more than... Read more »

2005 Victory Hammer Road Test

The 2005 Victory Hammer has an overall eye-catching appearance.

Ken Freund
January 1, 2006

Apparently, new motorcycle companies are like fine wine-they take a number of years to mature and tempt the palate. Following this paradigm, Victory motorcycles have come a long way in the first seven years of production. In the beginning the bikes were somewhat conservative in appearance and performance,... Read more »

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Victory Motorcycles, Who Uses Them?

Victory Motorcycles manufactures V-twin cruiser and touring motorcycles. Victory has made a name for itself in motorcycle reviews and guides by designing cruiser motorcycles with progressive styling and state-of-the-art engineering.

Victory Motorcycle Standouts

Victory's first motorcycle, the V92C, earned "Motorcycle Cruiser of the Year" honors by the press. In 2001, Victory introduced its line of Arlen Ness Signature Series Accessories, which began a longstanding friendship and working relationship between the Ness family and Victory Motorcycles. In 2002, the company created the Freedom 92/5 V-twin, a 92-cubic-inch engine mated to a 5-speed transmission that debuted in the Victory Vegas in 2003. Motorcycle reviews and road tests of the Hammer, Vegas 8-Ball and Vegas Jackpot followed, as well as the Kingpin and the 10th Anniversary Victory Vision (2009). Victory launched the Cross Roads and Cross Country touring models for 2010, and the flagship Cross Country Tour, which has the most luggage capacity of any production motorcycle, for 2012.