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2014 Ural Motorcycles Lineup – First Look

Rider Magazine Staff
January 30, 2014
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2014 Ural Patrol

2014 Ural Patrol


Ural Motorcycles, a Russian manufacturer of motorcycles with sidecars, is launching its 2014 model lineup. The new Urals feature electronic fuel injection, disc brakes on all three wheels, a hydraulic steering damper and dozens of other upgrades–the biggest package of improvements in 10 years.

“For many years we were watching other manufacturers launching new models after new models every year. So two and a half years ago we decided we needed to do something more significant than changing the color combinations. It’s not to say that we didn’t change the color combinations for 2014, as a matter of fact we did. But we also made the bike lighter, faster, more responsive, more fuel efficient, better in handling and braking,” said Ilya Khait, Ural President and CEO. “New Urals maintain our signature classic charm, ruggedness and unpretentious character. At the same time, performance-wise these bikes got closer to what riders expect from a modern day motorcycle.

2014 Ural

The 2WD 2014 Ural Gear-Up


“We know that a large number of people like the idea of a classic motorcycle with a sidecar but the well-known quirks of previous generations’ Urals stopped some of them from exploring it further. With the introduction of the new Ural we’re hoping to get another chance.”

Ural’s 2014 lineup includes three models: the Ural T ($12,399), the Patrol ($15,399 one-tone, $15,599 two-tone) and the Gear-Up ($15,999). The first motorcycles are expected to hit dealers’ floors early February. Ural has also organized a demo tour, which kicks off in February with stops in Salem, Oregon (Feb. 8); San Diego, California (Feb. 15); Sacramento, California  (Feb. 22); and Santa Clara, California (Feb. 23). The full schedule is still growing, and updates along with full specifications and other details about the 2014 Ural lineup can be found at

2014 Ural Instruments

Ural’s 2014 lineup has been modernized but maintains its classic style.

2014 Ural

Rear drum brakes are gone; 2014 models have disc brakes on all three wheels.

2014 Ural

All 2014 Urals have electronic fuel injection.

2014 Ural

In addition to the dual rear shocks on the motorcycle, the sidecar has its own shock and swingarm.

2014 Ural

Both the Ural Patrol (above) and Gear-Up can switch from 1WD to 2WD with the flip of a lever.



2014 Ural

Rugged and unique, any Ural is an instant conversation starter.

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