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Motorcycle Tank Armour Review

Rider Contributor
February 12, 2009
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Review by Reg Kittrelle
[This Motorcycle Tank Armour Review was originally published in American Rider magazine]

Priced a paint job on that Harley gas tank of yours? Here’s a sure bet, it’s a lot more than $124.95. That’s the price of Tank Armour, an Australian bit of clever handiwork that protects the leading edge of your Harley gas tank (both 5- and 6-gallon sizes) from being chipped by the debris that finds a home on our highways.

Formed from PMMA, commonly called acrylic (polymethylmethacrylate for you serious folk), these impact-resistant, clear shields attach to each side of your tank via six evenly spaced, 7/8-inch suction cups.

Fitting them to your tank is easy as long as you wipe the tank down first, as dust or smashed bugs won’t allow the suction cups to adhere properly. A couple of caveats: one, they also won’t stick to silicone, which some polishes contain. Second, matte-finish paint like Black Denim, found on some models, is more porous than high-gloss paint. This does not allow a tight fit with the suction cups. We have heard that a smear of dishwashing liquid under each suction cup alleviates this problem. However, we have not tried this and do not know what effect, if any, this soap will have on the paint. Another issue you might have is slight interference with some of the Harley tank badges. In these instances a bit of careful file work will give the necessary clearance.

TankArmour Motorcycle Gas Tank Protector

TankArmour Motorcycle Gas Tank Protector

After fitting Tank Armour to an FL tank, we logged about 100 miles of use. Each side remained as attached, becoming the final resting place for several bugs. After returning home, we hosed down the tank and Tank Armour and rode off again. This wetting down did not affect the Tank Armour’s secure attachment in any way.

For more information contact Tank Armour, 866-940-TANK,

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