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MetalArts Trumpet Motorcycle Air Horns Review

MetalArts Trumpet Air Horns

MetalArts Trumpet Air Horns

Clement Salvadori
October 16, 2008
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[This MetalArts Trumpet Motorcycle Air Horns Review was originally published in American Rider magazine]

I’ve never been a fan of loud pipes. Mellow, okay, but loud, never. All they do is irritate Joe Citizen and deafen the guy riding behind you. And that stupid excuse that loud pipes save lives is just that, stupid.

You want to wake up that cager who is pulling into your lane? Get a set of Trumpet Air Horns from Les Brown at MetalArts Inc. They fit right in place of that less-than-authoritative cowbell diaphragm horn that Harley fits, and when you hit the horn button even the cowboys dozing at the wheel of 18-wheelers will come fully awake.

Les has found an Italian company that makes a very compact compressor that fits in right with the two horns, and the two-tone noise is at least 128 decibels. Les gets the compressors and horns from Italy, and in-house manufactures the chrome covers that bolt right where the stock horn goes. The whole unit weighs less than 4 pounds, and bolts in place in five minutes.

Undo the bolt holding your cowbell on, pull the two wires off, unbolt the cowbell’s mounting bracket and put it on the air horn, slip in a small spacer, connect the two leads, tighten everything, and go hit the highway.

When the dunderhead in the Buick, windows rolled up, cell phone in his ear, starts drifting into your path, push the button and he will be fully awake in a quarter of a second, concentrating on the road. For a personal touch, the MetalArts Air Horns can be ordered with your choice of covers including traditional (as seen in the pictures), flame, or skull. All that comes to you at a price of $240, which is a lot cheaper than a set of loud pipes.

For more information contact Les Brown at MetalArts Inc., 805-239-2712,


MetalArts Trumpet Air Horns

MetalArts Trumpet Air Horns

MetalArts Trumpet Air Horns

MetalArts Trumpet Air Horns

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