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Guided Motorcycle Tour Reviews
This section focuses on adventures with motorcycle touring companies. Whether it’s exploring Museums and Castles or taking a Baja Adventure, sometimes it’s better to travel with an expert! Click on any of the images to see the sites in a larger format. Planning a trip of your own? Check out to see over 100 tour articles from the editors of Rider complete with large-scale ride maps, and dealership, accommodation and biker-friendly locators.

Motorcycle Travel in New Zealand with Edelweiss Bike Travel


Mark Tuttle
August 22, 2005

If an extended motorcycle tour in the prime spring and summer months is difficult for you—your career is busiest then, perhaps—and you can’t change careers, just change hemispheres. Fall and winter in North America are New Zealand’s spring and summer, and this lush and lovely country down under... Read more »

Brazil Motorcycle Tour with Ayres Adventures

Rio from the “Ayre.” Fifteen minutes in the ’copter will wear out a photographer’s shutter finger.

Lawrence Grodsky
July 17, 2005

There are 45,000 motorcycle couriers in São Paulo, the world’s third-largest city. On an average day, says Tour Director Mauricio Fernandes, one will earn his heavenly wings. Observing the busy, rain-slicked boulevards and the slim margins these daring deliverymen allow for conditions, I surmise that... Read more »

Motorcycle Riding in Northern Portugal with Motocadia Tours

The Belem Tower in Lisbon was built in 1515 and had some particularly nasty dungeons.

Clement Salvadori
June 22, 2005

The road rose out of the valley with smooth turns built into the ascending hillsides, climbing, climbing, climbing, the motorcycles leaning gracefully left, right, left, right. The lightly wooded slopes had the occasional pile of cut logs neatly stacked beside the two-lane byway, waiting for a truck... Read more »

Centopassi: Ducati Ride Through the French Maritime and Western Italian Alps

Riders admiring the view of the Massif de la Vanoise [Mountains] from the Maurienne Valley.

Gary Eagan
May 17, 2005

Riding a Ducati through the Alps is roughly akin to stepping into the swelter of an old-time, biblethumpin’, Holy Rollin’, Glory Be To Everything tent revival. Salvation by the bucket, euphoria by the bale. Revivals claim to nourish your soul. Flogging a Ducati through the Alps gluttonizes it. A... Read more »

Motorcycle Travel in Mexico’s Copper Canyon Nature Park

The road down to La Bufa and Batopilas is slippery fun!

Clement Salvadori
April 20, 2005

We were down at the bottom of the canyon, right by the bridge at La Bufa that crossed over the churning, frothing Batopilas River, huddling under an overhang to protect us from the rain. The seven of us had just descended thousands of feet on 20 miles of rough dirt switchbacks, and one of our group found... Read more »

Motorcycling in Morocco: An Iberian Moto Tours Journey

Humbling view from the roof of the Hotel Kasbah Xaluca, six klicks outside of Erfoud in the Sahara Desert.

Olaf Wolff
March 21, 2005

Were I to believe everything on the news, I almost certainly never would have ventured into Morocco. And if I had listened to my friend’s jealousy-rooted rants, I may have been convinced that indeed, after 50, great adventures were all behind me. I’m pleased to declare that both sources were wrong. Scott... Read more »

Edelweiss Bike Travel Dolomites Touring Center

Passo di Erbe, east of Bressanano.

Mark Tuttle Jr.
December 14, 2003

If the Alps were an oyster, for motorcyclists the Dolomites would be the shiny pearl in the center. Although formed at the same time as the famous crescent of mountains that spans six countries in Europe, the ragged peaks, spires and plateaus of the Dolomites are a unique fusion of rough, pale-colored... Read more »

Edelweiss Bike Travel’s Scouting Tour of Brazil

Checking out the views in Brazil.

Clement Salvadori
April 14, 2003

Brazil? Who would want to go ride a motorcycle in Brazil? Myself, for one, though with no real idea of where we would be going. The worldfamous beaches of Rio de Janeiro would be on the itinerary, of course, but other than that, where would Brazilian roads lead me? That is the fun of one of these Edelweiss... Read more »

Alaska’s Prince William Sound Ferry Tour

Signts along Alaska's Prince William Sound Ferry Tour.

Lawrence Grodsky
March 15, 2003

To our right, sightseers crane necks out of car windows for a look at the gravity-defying Dall sheep. To our left, they wield binoculars, scanning for humpbacks and orcas. In between lie a series of long, lurid skid marks. It’s not quite wilderness, here along the Cook Inlet, but methinks it could... Read more »

Motorcycle Travel from Milan to the Isle of Man TT with Lotus Tours

Pre-race crowd on the IOM Mountain Course.

Mark Tuttle Jr.
February 14, 2003

(This Tale of Two Races was printed in the February 2003 issue of Rider.) You don’t have to be a motorcycle racing fan to dream of visiting the Isle of Man for the annual Tourist Trophy races. More an international spectacle—like Mardi Gras or the running of the bulls—than merely two weeks of motorcycle... Read more »

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