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Motorcycle Features
In this section you’ll find motorcycle-related feature articles including biographies, technical endeavors, historical spotlights and other articles that focus on interesting aspects of motorcycling culture. If it’s not a road test, motorcycle spotlight, news, gear, rally, blog or tour article, you’ll find it here!

Mountains, Oceans and Back Roads in California, Oregon and Washington

(Photos by Clement Salvadori)

Clement Salvadori
May 1, 2015

(Photos by Clement Salvadori) “Less than half a mile after you go over the old swing bridge, the first road to the right is Lower Smith River Road. Take it. It’s a great ride!” With that suggestion from a total stranger at a gas station, I did. Lower Smith River Road, just north of Reedsport, Oregon,... Read more »

Hodaka Days 2014: Keep On Hodakin

More than 130 Hodakas finish up the largest Hodaka Days parade lap on record through the streets of Athena.

Story and photos by Ben Getz
April 15, 2015

In a modern day’s twist on the “Old Testament” plagues of ancient Egypt, the tiny Oregon town of Athena is swarmed, infested if you will, once a year for three days. Wombats, Rats, Squirts, Thunder Dogs and Road Toads besiege the town’s very core and squirm about in a pall of aromatic blue smoke.... Read more »

Utah Splendor: Native American history and geologic revelations.


Story and photos by Tom Culbertson
April 15, 2015

Riding in Utah is always a treat. You are served a wide variety of motorcycle roads, a cornucopia of awesome and incredibly beautiful parks and endless exotic landscapes. As you might conclude, Utah is one of my favorite rides. This time I’m riding the southern third, west to east. Taking a photo/rest... Read more »

A Baja Encounter


Story by Bob Whitby, Photos by Bob Whitby and Brian hayashi
April 14, 2015

Here’s what I took away from three weeks on the road, from Arkansas to the middle of Baja, California: You really have to want to see the whales. By the time I logged the 1,500-plus miles between my home and La Mesa, California, to rendezvous with my group in March 2014, I’d been battered by a headwind... Read more »

Broadleaf Tobacco Road


Story and photography by Scott A. Williams
April 8, 2015

It’s late summer in the Connecticut River Valley. As I ride narrow back roads past small farms that dot the region, the early morning air is heavy with a dense, sweet aroma that’s both familiar and pleasant. The distinctive smell is broadleaf tobacco curing inside tobacco sheds, slowly developing... Read more »

Tag-O-Rama — A motorcycle game of You’re It.


Lee Goodwin
April 2, 2015

Have you ever ridden just to see a large boulder painted like a reclining, smiling pink pig? Would you jump on your bike to find a statue of Teddy Roosevelt? Is finding a decommissioned ICBM silo just 25 miles away more than enough reason to throw on the gear? If your answer is any variation of, “Well,... Read more »

Mototouring Italian Factories Tour

My Mototouring BMW F 700 GS, and Italy’s soaring, twisting Alpi Dolomiti were made for each other.

Dexter Ford
March 5, 2015

Mototouring is the Milano, Italy-based outfit that has been delighting novelty-seeking riders in places like South Africa, Vietnam and all over Europe since 1994. It is the creation of Eligio Arturi, a roguish, rumpled Milanese with a taste for good cigars, aged Grappa, great Italian roads and vintage... Read more »

The Borderlands: A Colorful Cruise Through the Northeast

Just rolling along State Route 97, at the Hawks Nest, north of Port Jervis.

Kenneth W. Dahse
March 4, 2015

Just rolling along State Route 97, at the Hawks Nest, north of Port Jervis. Like many riders, my favorite motorcycle-touring season is the fall. Mother Nature explodes with bountiful colors, scented breezes, vibrant blue skies and dramatic clouds floating across the heavens. That’s why my friends,... Read more »

Win Dean Travels: Forty-Eight States on a Free 40-Year-Old Four-Piper

Life begins at 120 (years, that is: combined age of rider and bike).

Andy Saunders
March 4, 2015

Think about your Golden Years. Time to road-test the rocker on the front porch? No way, says Win Dean. Time instead to visit everyone else’s front porch, on two wheels. This adventurous 83-year-old set about the task of seeing the 48 contiguous states in one year from the saddle of his 40-year-old... Read more »

Dual-Sporting in Northern California on the Kawasaki KLR650 New Edition

We’re looking down on Usal Beach, six rough miles from Highway 1; most of the beaches along the Lost Coast are made of iron-rich black sand. (Photography by Clement Salvadori and Kurt Grife)

Clement Salvadori
February 4, 2015

We’re looking down on Usal Beach, six rough miles from Highway 1; most of the beaches along the Lost Coast are made of iron-rich black sand. (Photography by Clement Salvadori and Kurt Grife) Adventures are good. They don’t have to be big adventures, like crossing the Sahara Desert or Panama’s Darien... Read more »

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