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Motorcycle Electronics: Reviews
If it is electronic and used by or with a motorcycle, you will find it in our motorcycle electronics reviews section. Whether you’re looking for a helmet camera, a Bluetooth communication system or a new GPS, Rider‘s electronics section has got you covered.

Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor Review

Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor

Greg Drevenstedt
September 20, 2010

Just as carrying an umbrella or rain gear has a way of warding off inclement weather, packing tools and a patch kit seems to help prevent the inconvenience of roadside repairs. Or it could just be that today’s motorcycles are reliable and tires are durable. Nonetheless, whether you uphold the Boy Scouts’... Read more »

ContourHD1080p Helmet Video Camera

Arden Kysely
August 20, 2010

One thing a helmet cam has to be is simple to use, and the ContourHD1080p has that down. This rugged little tube of anodized aluminum starts recording when you slide the long top switch forward and stops when you slide it back. It’s easy to do with gloved hands and built-in stops at either end let... Read more »

GoPro HERO Motorcycle Helmet Camera

GoPro HERO Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Rider Contributor
March 29, 2010

Review by Reg Kittrelle [This GoPro HERO Motorcycle Helmet Camera Review was originally published in the April 2010 issue of American Rider magazine] At about the size of a couple of matchboxes, the GoPro Hero video camera is just what you need when a nonrider asks, “What’s it like to ride a... Read more »

Around the World the Hard Way – Mondo Enduro DVD

Arden Kysely
March 10, 2010

Ready for your big adventure?  Have you seen enough of Ewan and Charlie going the Long Way here or there that you want to hop in the saddle and leave your cares behind in a cloud of dust? Well, there’s no better place to start planning a big trip than in front of your TV with the Mondo Enduro DVD.... Read more »

Garmin zumo 660 Motorcycle GPS Review


Rider Magazine
March 1, 2010

[This Garmin zumo 660 GPS Review was originally published in the April 2010 issue of Rider magazine] Shopping for a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation unit for your bike can be a bit confusing. Most of us have figured out that a newer model with a large, backlit, full-color 3D display is handier... Read more »

iMC Motorcom HS-500 iPhone Compatible Motorcycle Headset

Rider Magazine
February 10, 2010

DON’T LOSE THAT NUMBER. If you have an iPhone, then iMC Motorcom has the motorcycle headset for you. The HS-500 allows motorcycle riders to utilize the phone and music functions of their Apple iPhone and other 3.5mm jack (standard stereo headset) equipped cell phones, including the Palm Pre and Blackberry... Read more »

Medic Alert Tags for Motorcyclists

UTAG Medic Alert Tags

Rider Contributor
October 29, 2009

Review by Joe Michaud [Medic Alert Tags for Motorcyclists was originally published in the December 2009 issue of Rider magazine] The average age of the riding population is creeping up, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. As we age, our health concerns rise. How many of us require daily medications?... Read more »

TireGard Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Rider Magazine
October 9, 2009

[This TireGard Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System Review was originally published in the November 2009 issue of Rider magazine] When I received the press release for this product I thought it was too good to be true, especially for $210. A couple late-model motorcycles come with factory tire... Read more »

Glpro With ATRE Aftermarket Gear Indicator Review

Glpro With ATRE

Rider Contributor
February 4, 2009

By James Parchman [This Glpro With ATRE Aftermarket Gear Indicator Review was originally published in the March 2009 issue of Rider] The Glpro With ATRE aftermarket gear indicator installed In honor of GearLab’s first Hungarian product, let’s start by mentioning several famous exports from this beautiful... Read more »

Chatterbox XBi Bluetooth Communicators Review

Chatterbox XBi Bluetooth Communicators

Rider Magazine
January 14, 2009

Riding two-up is a great way to share the experience of motorcycling. It is often done by couples, from first dates to spouses who have been married for decades. Riding together on the same motorcycle, feeling it accelerate and lean at the same time, can be a wonderful bonding experience. But typically... Read more »

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