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MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs Review

MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs

Jerry Smith
November 6, 2015

MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs Finding a motorcycle with ergonomics that suit you shouldn’t be a matter of going from showroom to showroom sitting on different bikes until you find one that’s comfortable. But that’s how it works out sometimes, forcing you to pass up a bike you otherwise like because... Read more »

BMW Rallye Motorcycle Suit Review

BMW Rallye Suit

Greg Drevenstedt
November 4, 2015

BMW strives to maintain its premium image as a motorcycle brand, which carries over to its apparel. We’ve tested all sorts of BMW-branded jackets, pants, boots and gloves over the years, and the general consensus among our crew of use-it-and-abuse-it testers is that the gear may be expensive, but you... Read more »

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review

Removing the side cover reveals the communicator port.

Greg Drevenstedt
November 4, 2015

Retailing for just $109.95, the Qualifier is Bell’s entry-level full-face helmet. With an aerodynamic, lightweight and ventilated polycarbonate shell, removable/washable antibacterial comfort liner, anti-fog/anti-scratch/UV-resistant face shield, super-easy ClickRelease shield removal system, integrated... Read more »

Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist Review

Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist

Jerry Smith
November 3, 2015

Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist Like most motorcycles, big adventure bikes are fine when they’re moving. But when a two-story-high, luggage-equipped moto-camel decides it’s time for a dirt nap, it’s probably going to take at least two people to get it back on its feet—maybe more if the surface is... Read more »

Rainsuits 101: Staying Dry At Speed

Tour Master Sentinel rain jacket in hi-viz

Jerry Smith
November 2, 2015

Weather forecasting isn’t an exact science, and you get caught in the rain even during the summer. If you keep riding through the fall and winter, you’ll learn what real rain is. You might have ridden through short showers, but when you get caught in a sudden storm, or ride all day in a cold, steady... Read more »

TomTom Rider GPS Review

TomTom Rider GPS

James Parchman
November 2, 2015

I have always had a fascination for maps and never tire of thumbing through a highway atlas, recollecting stretches of roads from trips taken. So when Editor Tuttle assigned a review of TomTom’s updated Rider, I wondered if a GPS could teach a cartophile (map lover) anything new. Netherlands-based... Read more »

Cortech Sequoia XC Adventure Suit Review

Cortech Sequoia XC Adventure Suit

Arden Kysely
October 7, 2015

As the adventure-riding segment grows, so does the variety of clothing to wear while you explore the back-of-beyond, each new product promising to protect adventurers from a wide range of weather and mishaps. Helmet House has joined the fray with its Cortech branded and economically priced Sequoia XC... Read more »

Happy Trails Panniers and Top Box Review

Happy Trails Panniers and Top Box

Greg Drevenstedt
October 6, 2015

In the 1990 film Crazy People, the late, great Dudley Moore plays an ad executive who, following a nervous breakdown, creates a series of blunt, truthful advertisements. The movie was terrible, but the tagline for a Volvo ad was unforgettable: “They’re boxy but they’re good.” The same can be... Read more »

Sena Prism Action Cam and Handlebar Remote Review

Prism Action Cam and Handlebar Remote

Joe Michaud
October 5, 2015

If you watch any action-cam videos on the Internet, you know the 800-pound gorilla is the ubiquitous GoPro. But brisk competition is good for innovation and consumers. Since I use a SENA intercom, I was interested in its hi-def Prism action cam and new handlebar remote. The motorsports camera kit provides... Read more »

Dowco Fastrax Backroads Tank Bag Review

Dowco Fastrax Backroads Tank Bag

Arden Kysely
October 2, 2015

Aren’t tank bags about the handiest piece of luggage you can put on a bike? They sit there, out of the way but within immediate reach, holding all the things you need to keep at hand. Dowco’s tank bag from its Fastrax brand’s Backroads collection did just that for me on a three-day, 1,600-mile... Read more »

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