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Motorcycle Apparel: Reviews
Rider‘s motorcycle apparel reviews include pants, jackets, riding suits, gloves, socks and anything else you put on your body (other than helmets, which have their own specific section). Our rule of the road is, “dress safe and dress for the ride.” That means selecting protective gear that will make your ride more enjoyable.

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boots

Greg Drevenstedt
December 5, 2012

Adventure touring is king these days. Sales are up, model lines are expanding and, as Clem points out in this month’s Road Tales, dreams of around-the-world travel are widespread. Even though most adventure bikes never leave the pavement, many are kitted out with hand guards, skid plates, Baja-style... Read more »

Olympia Moto Sports Nomad Motorcycle Jacket Review

Olympia Moto Sports Nomad Jacket

Greg Drevenstedt
December 4, 2012

Versatility is the name of the game with riding apparel. There’s a lot of competition in today’s market, and manufacturers are always trying to outdo each other in terms of features, style and price. Kevin and Karilea Rhea, Olympia Moto Sports’ owner/designer husband-and-wife team, are 26-year... Read more »

Sidi Tour Gore-Tex Boots Review


Mark Tuttle
October 5, 2012

All waterproof boots are not created equal. For starters, these Sidi Gore-Tex Tour boots have a genuine Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable liner, which means they meet the tough standards of W.L. Gore and Associates as well as Sidi’s. And mine, too, one of which is that I can stand in a tub of water with... Read more »

Tourmaster Transition 3 Motorcycle Jacket Review


Clement Salvadori
September 7, 2012

An all-purpose, multi-season motorcycle jacket has a near-impossible list of requirements to fulfill. It needs to keep you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, dry when it rains, protect you in case of an accident, and be comfortable…after all, you could be wearing that jacket for many hours... Read more »

Affordable Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide

Aerostich Darien Light

Bill Stermer
August 28, 2012

We’re all aware that the economy has been in the tank for several years, and the result is that many of us are being much more careful with our money. We want to stretch it, to get good value for every precious dollar, and of course we want to take advantage of the fuel economy available from our motorcycles... Read more »

Silver Eagle Outfitters Kula-XD Cooling Vest Review

The Silver Eagle Kula-XD Cooling Vest is worn over a base layer shirt and under a jacket.

Greg Drevenstedt
August 9, 2012

Vests aren’t cool, at least not in a sartorial sense. They haven’t been since the days of Saturday Night Fever. (Recall that soon after the disco craze, John Travolta’s career slipped into a coma, only to be revived 15 years later with Pulp Fiction, and Vincent Vega wouldn’t be caught dead in... Read more »

Alpinestars Tech Performance Underwear and Touring Summer Socks Review

Alpinestars Summer Performance Tech Short Sleeve Top

Greg Drevenstedt
July 26, 2012

Riding in the summer is great, with long days and a few ready-made three-day weekends that encourage us to pile on the miles. But summer riding can also be physically demanding, with our bodies sometimes exposed to the extremes of heat and humidity, or perhaps tropical storms or monsoon rains. Many riders... Read more »

Macna Geo Motorcycle Jacket Review

Macna Geo Motorcycle Jacket

Greg Drevenstedt
July 3, 2012

(This Gearlab review was published in the July 2012 issue of Rider magazine.) Twisted Throttle, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has added Macna riding apparel to its burgeoning inventory of motorcycle touring accessories and gear. Never heard of Macna? Neither had we. The Netherlands-based... Read more »

Richa Spirit Motorcycle Jacket and Pants Review

Richa Spirit Motorcycle Jacket and Pants

Arden Kysely
May 3, 2012

The Richa Spirit jacket and pants that debuted in our Armored Textile Buyer’s Guide (Rider September, 2011) are back for a closer evaluation. To recap the basics, Richa sews the Spirit clothing from abrasion-resistant Schoeller Dynatec fabric treated with its NanoSphere coating to combat dirt and stains. Inside... Read more »

Tour Master Sentinel Rainsuit Jacket and Pants Review


Greg Drevenstedt
April 26, 2012

Much of today’s textile motorcycle touring apparel has some type of waterproof or water-resistant barrier built into it. Either the outer shell has been treated and/or has a water-resistant membrane sealed to the backside of the fabric, or a removable liner is zipped inside. Both strategies work to... Read more »

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